Pros and Cons of Getting Married At College

College life is full of your first times. It is your first time living on your own without your parents. It’s your first time to manage your budget. It is possibly your first time getting a job. There are so many firsts during your college life, including your first serious relationship. College students often face a hard choice. They have to decide whether they are ready to get married, or they are better off waiting a few more years. It is not an easy decision. Here is the list of the pros and cons of getting married at college.

Cons: You don’t fully know yourself

During your early year of college, you realize how much of yourself you haven’t yet discovered. There is so much you want to do and experience for the first time! Relationships, of course, are only one area of life that you would need to discover for yourself. You don’t know what it is that you want from life. Getting married too early can deprive you of the freedom of unlimited possibilities and life choices.

Pros: Your spouse can help you grow

On the other hand, your spouse can be the person to motivate you to grow and become a better version of yourself. It is a common myth that we get to know ourselves only when we are alone. In fact, we learn about our personality and character through people and their perceptions of us. People in our lives help us change for the better. Hence, having this one special person in your life can encourage you to become a better person.

Cons: Learning how to adult suck

You are already having a rough time trying to be a proper adult, whatever this means. It is even harder to adjust to this adult life as a married couple. You can’t just say to your spouse, “do my homework for me on this adult thing”. Nope. Now you have to do everything together. This includes figuring out finances, budgeting, life goals. Moreover, you may assume that being married automatically makes you a grown person. This is a mistake. Being married doesn’t change you, it only changes the status of your relationship with your partner. You can help me with my math homework here. As you see, everything else in your lives is staying the same. Hence, being married and still trying to figure out how to act like an adult is hard. It can harm your relationship and lead to fights and misunderstandings.

Pros: You embark this journey together

If you are confident in yourself and your relationship, you may actually benefit from being married. Marriage gives you a life partner with whom you are willingly sharing your future. This should be enough to provide you a solid foundation to build your future together.

Cons: It’s hard to match life goals

When you are still at college, your life goals are not fully formed. Hence, you still explore your desires and dreams. It is quite a rare luck to meet a person who can share your views on life and change them along with you. More often than not, one of you will have to make sacrifices.

Pros: You can help each other follow your dreams

A healthy marriage can provide you with security and stability. It is your ultimate safety net, where you can find support and motivation to keep going. If you and your spouse don’t need any academic writing service assistance in expressing your desires and fears, you are lucky. Thus, you can always negotiate what you want from each other and your life together. In such a case, having a spouse gives you the support system (and financial aid) to pursue your dreams.